Simple ModernGolden Luxury Incense Burner


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Large size 27.5CM, diameter 9.5CM, weight 0.385KG, cup diameter 7.7CM, height 8.6CM

Small size is 25.5CM high, 9.5CM diameter, 0.297KG weight, cup diameter 7.5CM, height 6.3CM

[Scope of application] bedroom, window, living room, study, office

【Material: Ceramic

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The Magic Of Aroma Resins

The Magic Of Aroma Resins

Aromas that make you fall in love with them are the best kinds! Indulge in the earthy fragrance of our premium grade Frankincense & Myrrh resins naturally obtained from the best origins.

More Than Aroma

More Than Aroma

The healing properties of Frankincense & Myrrh make them natural recipes for treating body pains, anxiety, mood swings, and other health conditions. Ignite those aroma resins and heal your body, mind & spirit!