FAQS About Frankincense and Myrrh Resin

How do we order our Frankincense?

  • We make an order to the farmers before the harvest season. 
  • Once we place the order, we pay them a deposit to cover their basic needs until the full payment.

How do we quality check our farm harvested Frankincense?

  • Our supervisor visits the farms periodically to check the quality of the harvest and instructs farmers to follow sustainable harvest guidelines. 
  • We believe that the best way to obtain high-quality oleoresin is to teach and monitor the farmers on best practices. 
  • We also reward farmers who take care of the trees to encourage them to pursue future endeavors. 

How do we sort and grade our Frankincense resins?

  • We transport the ungraded oleoresins to our grading and sorting facilities in Erigavo- the city to the farms. 
  • Women constitute 100% of the workers in these facilities. We employ women as they have rare occupational opportunities in the city.

How do we conduct Grading Facilities for Quality Check?

  • Our supervisor carefully checks the sorting and grading process to ensure compliance with standards and quality of the oleoresins.
  • That is how we send out the best quality oleoresins to our customers worldwide!

What is Special about our packaging?

  • Once the supervisor approves of the oleoresins, it gets fine-packed by the locals with expert guidance and according to customers' requirements. 

What is our shipping process?

  • Customized shipments are then loaded onto containers in Berbera Port and shipped to our beloved customers around the globe!

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