Frankincense & Myrrh Resin - 4oz / 133.4g - By Igneous Products


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100% Pure and well-graded Frankincense (Olibanum) & Myrrh resin - Boswellia Carterii & Commiphora Erythraea - gives you the best incense aroma- a natural long-lasting essence. Our somalia frankincense resin and Sweet Myrrh Resin are of a premium grade (no bark) and used for catholic incense. Incense frankincense & myrrh has a 'balsamic' aroma contributes to numerous benefits making myrrh a significant element in today's health & beauty world.  

  • Pure & natural ingredients: Our Frankincense and myrrh resins have no chemicals or impurities. It helps release stress, purifies the air & increases well-being.
  • Great value quality resins: we directly source our resins from locals. Enjoy the heavenly fragrance of direct sourced organic incense.
  • Smell wonderful burns long: Organic long burning incense that you’ll love the smell of our frankincense resin myrrh resin mix. Lasting sweet incense for our natural incense,

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    The Magic Of Aroma Resins

    The Magic Of Aroma Resins

    Aromas that make you fall in love with them are the best kinds! Indulge in the earthy fragrance of our premium grade Frankincense & Myrrh resins naturally obtained from the best origins.