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Sweet Myrrh Resin - Commiphora Erythraea - 4oz / 113.4g


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100% Pure and well-graded Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) resin gives you the best incense aroma- a natural long-lasting essence. We purchase it directly from the farmers and the locals carefully pack it under responsible supervision. Our Organically sourced sweet Myrrh resins are high-quality, pure, and go through different grading processes to remove any fillers, barks, and impurities.   

  • Smells Good & Fresh: Our fresh harvest myrrh is handpicked and most natural. Myrrh resin incense has a warm, earthy scent with healing properties.
  • Burning resin that Looks Great: Our myrrh organic commiphora myrrha looks like dark brown chunks of marbles and burns for long.
  • Great Value for money: Great price for 100% pure myrrh- a natural incense resin. We offer you the best quality myrrh incense at great price.

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